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testo accordi chitarra spartiti Muse

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Strum:  Re5 Soladd#11 Sol Re5 Resus2 Soladd#11 Sol
Re5            Soladd#11  Sol
You would say any      thing
Re5                Soladd#11  Sol
And you would try any      thing
Re5             Soladd#11  Sol
To escape your meaning  less
Re5               Soladd#11   Sol
And your insig   nifi      cance
Fa#               Sim       Sim/La 
You're uncon     troll    able
Sol#m7   Sol7      Fa#7sus4      Fa#7 
And we are un  love   a     ble
Fa#               Sim 
And I don't want you to think
Sim/La           Sol#m7 
That I care
        Sol7            Fa#7sus4        Fa#7 
I never would I never could a        gain
Si5                 Solsus2   Sol5
Why can't you just love    her?
Si5                Solsus4     Sol5
And why be such a mon       ster
Si5               Solmaj7    Sol5
You bully from a dis      tance
Si5                          Solmaj7   Sol5
Your brain needs some as    sist    ance
But I'll still take all the blame
'Cause you and me are both one and the same
And it's driving me mad
And it's driving me mad
I'll take back all the things that I said
I didn't realise I was talking to the living dead
And I don't want you to think that I care
I never would, I never could again
You would say anything
And you would try anything
To escape your meaningless
And your insignificance