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Testo Accordi Chitarra Sting Mo Ghile Mear Our Hero

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Capo 4
Shay mah lake mah yella mah             'S/ mo laoch, mo Ghile Mear,
  Sol       Re       Sol        La
Shay mah haze ah heel lah mah           'S/ mo Chaesar, Ghile Mear,
So nah sheh nay vor ah svay             Suan n' s/an n' bhfuaireas f/in
                  La       Re
Ah quig ih gan my yay la mah            'chuaigh in gc/in mo Ghile Mear.
Re                    Sol     Re
Grief and pain are all I know
                       Sol      La
My heart is sore, My tears a'flow
        Re              Sol        Re
Since o'er the seas we saw him go
    Sol      Sim      Mim       La 
No word we know to ease our woe
Re              Sol        Re
A proud and gallant chevalier
                     Sol     La
A highland lion of gentle mien
          Re      Sol        Re
A fiery blade engaged to reap
      Sol           Sim   Mim      La
He'd break the bravest in the field
  Re                      Sol           Re
Come sing his praise as sweet harps play
                        Sol     La
And proudly toast his noble name
            Re           Sol        Re
As long as blood flows in your veins
   Sol          Sim          Mim       La
So wish him strength and length of day               (Chorus)