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testo accordi chitarra spartiti Radiohead

tabs chords lyrics

CAPO on 2nd fret
Em D, G, Gsus2, Gsus2 E X2
Mim Re     Sol 
Today is gonna be the day that they're
Gsus2                  Gsus2 E
gonna throw it back to you
Mim Re       Sol 
By now you should've realized
Gsus2         Gsus2 E
what you gotta do
Mim Re                 Sol 
I don't believe that anybody
Gsus2           Gsus2 E
feels the way I do
          Gsus4 E, Gsus2, Gsus2 E
About you now
    Solsus4 Mi 
And all the roads that
Solsus2           Mim Re 
lead to you are winding
    Solsus4 Mi 
And all the lights that
Solsus2             Mim Re 
lead us there are blinding
Gsus4 E        Gsus2
There are many ways that I
      Sol       La Sol#   Mim Re 
Would like to sing to you,
      Gsus2      Gsus2 E(2)
but I don't know how