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LaM7   Do  Fa   (x3)
I sail to the moon
 Fa          Lam
I spoke too soon
    Do    Mim          Fa     Lam
And how much did it cost
     Fa        Lam
I was dropped from
  Fa       Lam
The moonbeam
    Do          Mim       Fa     LaM7   Do  Fa
And sailed on shooting stars
Maybe you'll
   Fa      Lam
Be president
    Do    Mim         Fa      Lam
But know right from wrong
Or in the flood
        Fa       Lam
You'll build an Ark
    Do         Mim   Lam
And sail us to the moon
Fa      Mim  Fa   Lam
Sail us to the moon
C    EM7     AbM7      CM7   EM7    AbM7    CM7   EM7   AbM7
Sail us to.....