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Sim - Sol - Re - Sol
Sim                        Sol
i tried to paint you a picture, the colors were all wrong
Re                         Sol
black and white didn't fit ya, and all along
Sim                     Sol
you were shaded with patience, and strokes of everything
Re                       Sol
that i need just to make it, but i can see that
La             Sol
Lord knows i failed you time and again
La                    Sol     
but you and me are alright
Sim          Sol            Re               La/Sol
we won't say our goodbyes, you know it's better that way
Sim            Sol            Re             La/Sol
we won't break we won't die, it's just a moment of change
Sim         Sol           Re        La/Sol           
all we are, all we are, is everything thats right
Sim          Sol            Re          La/Sol  Do9 - La
all we need, all we need, a lover's alibi
(same chords as Verse 1):
i walked a minute in your shoes, they never would have fit
i figured there's nothing to lose, i need to get
some perspective on these words, before i write them down
you're an island and my ship has run aground
and every single day that i can breathe
you change my philosophy
    Re                          La/Sol
i'm never gonna let you pass me by