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Inro: Resus4 Mi Mi6

Resus4          Mi     Mi6
Got you mother in a whirl
Resus4            Mi              Mi6   
shes not sure if your a boy or a girl
Resus4          Mi       Mi6
hey babe your hairs alright
Resus4          Mi       Mi6
hey babe lets go out tonight
Resus4        Mi            Mi6
you like me and you like it all
Resus4        Mi              Mi6
we love dancing and we look devine
Resus4         Mi                Mi6
ya like bands when they play it hard
Resus4           Mi        Mi6
you like me but you want it all
They put you down
They say im wrong
Attack it then
You put them on
Rebel rebel
Mi            Mi6
put on your dress
Rebel rebel
Mi6            Mi6
your face is a mess
Rebel rebel
Mi             Mi6
how could they know
Re             Mi
hot tramp i love you so