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      Re9               Re 
In an empty room, or a tempting bar
           La4                   La 
'Cross the universe, there's no place too far
Yeah, wherever you are
        Re/Sol           Re9        Re 
You and me, thick as thieves.
Well, it ain't always pretty
Sometimes it can rough
Could have thrown the towel in
And thrown our hands up
Seems like we've always been
    Re/Sol                     Re9        Re 
And always will be thick as thieves.
Sol                      Re       La 
Time, time won't never drag us down
Sol                               Re          La 
You, me, us, ain't looking back or turning around
     Mim                Sim 
It's classic boy meets girl
         Mim                Sim 
With our backs against the world
You and me.
         Re9       Re     
Thick as thieves.
In a world without faith
You're what i believe
When they're stacking the deck
You're the card on my sleeve
In my hour of meet, you and me
Yeah, thick as thieves.
And that are all that's left behind us now
You, me, us, ain't looking back or turning around
It's classic boy meets girl, with our backs against the world
You and me,
Thick as thieves.
If i'd robbed a bank, you wouldn't care
You'd come sit on my lap in the electric chair
And when they'd flip the switch
We'd just kiss.
I know nothing's gonna stop us now
You, me, us on the edge and never looking down
What's a boy to do, it's classic me and you
Lucky you, lucky me
Thick as thieves.
La            Sol 
Oh, thick as thieves
Oh, yeah.